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Podcast Management for Content Creators & Coaches

All you have to do is talk - we'll do the rest

Your job is to create - it's not to worry about the details.

When you launched your podcast, it was because you had a message on your heart...not because you wanted to spend countless of hours editing, cutting clips, creating collateral, and figuring out all the tech on the backend.

You deserve to have a podcast that ignites your passion, not one that triggers your anxiety and stress. When you're left to handle all the moving pieces of getting an episode produced and posted, you end up:

  • Overwhelmed and the point where you might not even want to record anything
  • Throwing things together and half-assing everything...leading you to not even want to publish the episode
  • Putting everything on the back burner because you have 300 other things that take priority over editing

And your message - what you wanted to get out into the world - gets shelved, never to be seen (or heard) again.

That's where we come in.

By working together, you'll receive a true partner in creation:

full podcast production for weekly episodes

professional video & audio editing

Audiogram creation

Up to 2 reels created per episode

up to 2 quotes pulled per episode and converted into graphics


podcast scheduling & publishing

dedicated support from your podcast manager

Creation of Show notes for each episode

Creation of promotional email for each episode

Hey! We're Behind the Screens

Founded by experienced operations leader Tamara Munoz-Whilden, Behind the Screens is a Business Management firm committed to helping overworked business owners (hey, you!) shift from chaos to clarity with high level operational strategy, team support and execution.

Our team has partnered with countless successful businesses in their high-growth phases, whether it be through foundational work such as setting up backend systems and processes for efficiency, upgrading the client experience for increased retention, building out a solid product suite for increased revenue, or through higher level management, like podcast or Youtube Channel management, launch planning and execution, restructuring business models, or team performance management.

We’re on a mission to have an impact on women-owned businesses. And that’s why to us, you’re not “just another client.” You’re a woman on a mission to create massive impact and we want to help you expand and grow. That’s why when you work with us, you’ll have a partner in success. 

We do things differently around here

💪 We focus on hiring women and partnering with women owned vendors - putting money in the hands of women only leads to great things!
💪 We donate a portion of our profits to various of charities close to our hearts - the BTS team votes on where to donate on an annual basis.

We have donated to:
🤍 Paws of War | Helping both veterans & animals
🤍 Harbor House of Central Florida | Domestic Violence Shelters
🤍 22 Saves Hockey | Veteran Suicide Prevention
🤍 Children of the Night | Supporting children who have been victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking

supporting female entrepreneurs is kind of our thing. But our mission doesn't stop there.

Your Trusted Partners
in content creation

Boutique team, high level support

You won't be passed off to just anyone and not have any idea who is working on your account. You will be working directly with your podcast manager and you'll have access to our client experience manager, who will ensure all of your needs are taken care of.

Your alignment and experience matters to us

You're not a number, you're not just another person on our roster. You're our priority and we are your trusted partners. We will not force a cookie-cutter approach to your podcast! This is a collaborative effort to bring your unique voice and message to the masses.

We evolve with you as you grow.

We partner with you to get the outcome that you want - this is your show and we are here to support your vision. That means not only having the flexibility and agility to quickly and efficiently change direction, but also bringing a proactive approach to elevating your podcast.

We've intentionally built something different by making sure that our clients are our #1 priority and feel like the VIPs they are.

Are You Ready?

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Things you won’t need to say anymore:
“I don’t have time to edit this.”
“I don’t think I can sustain publishing 1 episode a week.”
"I don't want to waste hours of my life getting the audio just right."

With BTS as an integral partner to your podcast you will:
  • have time (for anything!)
  • focus on what you love to do
  • be able to get your message out there without getting caught in the details

I'm ready for the support i deserve