We are a full service Online Business Management firm for the High Achieving Business Owner

we are Behind the Screens

We not only support clients in achieving their wildest dreams, but help them create a life of true freedom and excellence - both inside and outside of the "office".

Our Online Business Managers and Chief Operating Officers help bring the magic to Behind the Screens. Problem solvers, innovators, and creatives meet here to create an online space that will help your business thrive.

The Mission

Founder of BTS
The COO to your Ceo

Meet our Founder

Tamara Munoz-Whilden is the Founder & CEO of Behind the Screens.

After almost a decade of managing million dollar operations as a corporate droid, Tamara realized that not only did she have to unsubscribe from the hustle culture, but it was her mission to help others do the same. She quit her corporate job, bought a house and got married all in the same month, because she knows how to GSD. Within a year of going full time, Behind the Screens hired on our first full time team members and the rest was history.

Tamara has grown several businesses to multiple 6 and 7 figures, and she knows what it takes to build sustainable, scalable operations. Through BTS, Tamara has been able to condense her knowledge into our signature methodology, which all of our team members are trained on.

When she's not working or hanging out with her team, you can find her sipping on (decaf) iced americanos, baking sourdough, or traveling with her husband, kids, and fur baby Ruby.

Meet Tamara


our values

We aim for excellence in everything we do - our clients receive our BEST work. We have systems in place for quality assurance.

We also invest heavily in our team's continual education and growth so you can reap the benefits. 

Client Experience

The client experience is our priority - our clients are elite and VIPs, regardless of the package they choose.

Once in our space, your business and success are our priority. The team is dedicated to your continual success. 


We believe that diversity is the key to success. Having team members from different walks of life, experience levels, and backgrounds allows us to have a rich professional experience.

Our clients can tap into our hive mind at any point to enrich their business and strategies. 

Work/Life Blend 

We aim to be present in the moment - both at home and work. We do not sacrifice our health - mental, physical, or spiritual - for work and we wish the same for our clients.

We support you in creating a business that allows for a human experience. 


We are honest and transparent with everything we do. We have consistent check-ins with clients, they get full visibility to what we're working on and how (if they want!).

We also operate from a place of integrity and audit workload on a quarterly basis to ensure our clients are in the container that best serves them. 

Autonomy & Efficiency

We are resourceful problem solvers. We do not come to the table with problems, we come with solutions. Our role in your business is to make your life easier and provide solutions. 

We always look for the most efficient way to do things and invest in continual education to stay on top of updates, trends, and more.