We specialize in full business management and strategy for coaches, service providers, and health & wellness professionals. 

The BTS team is the committed team you need to bring your visions to life. 

It's time to be the visionary you're meant to be

When you think of Disney, you immediately think of Walt Disney (and Mickey Mouse - but you can argue they're one in the same). The person not usually talked about? The co-founder, Roy Disney. Roy and Walt worked in tandem, two sides of the same coin, the perfect team. The visionary and the integrator. 

Walt dreamt of Disney, held the vision and sold it to the world but Roy...he was the one that made it happen through well thought-out logistics, planning and execution.

Here, you're free to be Walt - the visionary, the face of your business, the networker.

We'll be your Roy - the (wo)men behind the curtain, making the magic happen.


Let us be the 

to your 


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Online Business Management is for the business owner who is looking to optimize their team and their operation while they continue to grow their business. This retainer includes strategic support plus done-for-you implementation.

Online Business Management

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Fractional COO services are for the business owner who is looking for operational leadership at a fraction of the price. This retainer includes strategic operational partnership on key pillars of the business that will significantly move the needle on growth.

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Operations Consulting is for the business owner who is looking for strategic direction to grow and scale their business with low commitment and resource allocation. Implementation and execution are optional add-ons and can be added at anytime.

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