We deliver accelerated growth for online businesses by providing


Online Business Management & Fractional COO Support

Get back to doing what you intended to do from the start – focus on your vision and your clients.

Our Mission

Providing holistic, high-level management support for our clients has led to some pretty incredible results:

A record high launch (over $300k CASH, and $500k in sales made in 2 weeks) while our client was on vacation

Scaling a mindset coaching business from negative revenue to over $250,000 in under 12 months

After restructuring her business model and team, our client's business increased sales by 70% while she was able to step back from daily operations to successfully launch her second business

Supporting our clients in achieving their wildest dreams, and helping them create a life of true freedom and excellence - both inside and outside of the "office"

You can't do it on your own forever...

Doing it on your own in business only leads to two things:
  1. Burnout
  2. Money left on the table

The main thing holding most business owners back from scaling their businesses and achieving the time and financial freedom they crave is implementation.

The thought of scaling is both overwhelming and exhausting - you don't know where to start, and the thought of executing makes you sick. 

The key to a successful business is found in the "boring" parts of business - the team management, project management, strategy and implementation, systems and processes...all the things you don't want to be doing.

That's where we come in - to take all of this off your plate so that you can go back to doing what you want to be doing: serving your clients and being the visionary for your business.

We already know...

You’ve worked with virtual assistants or business managers who didn't have the experience you needed to get to the next level

You've also worked with agencies that made you feel like you weren’t a priority and never took the time to really understand your goals

You're doing everything yourself and you can't gain traction on any one project - you're stressed out and tired of 14+ hour days

You want a partner in business who can take some of the operational and management duties off your plate so you can focus on what you do best

No one ever said running your own business would be easy.

But like most entrepreneurs, the very same reasons you went into business are the same things that are still out of reach - doing what you love, having financial freedom, getting time back to spend with your family…

We don’t believe in overcomplicated, wildly complex businesses with bend-over-backwards strategies. (So exhausting!) Complexity is the enemy of execution.

We simplify your operations and your strategies so we can execute flawlessly, efficiently, and accelerate the growth of your business, allowing you to enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

It’s time to take back your life, reap the benefits of your sacrifice and multiply your impact on the world.

Now you’re ready for an agency that is bought into your vision and invested in your success.


By working together, you'll receive a true partner in operations:

High level visioning and goal setting

Expert project management and execution

Launch planning and management

SOP creation & optimization

Team Management


Automation strategy and implementation

Tech & systems setup & Maintenance

Daily operations management

Program management

Client Management

Marketing and sales funnel strategy

Content management & social media support

Administrative support

PLUS additional implementation and management as needed

Hey! We're Behind the Screens

Founded by experienced operations leader Tamara Munoz-Whilden, Behind the Screens is an Online Business Management and fractional COO firm committed to helping overworked business owners (hey, you!) shift from chaos to clarity with high level operational strategy and execution.

Our team has partnered with countless successful businesses in their high-growth phases, whether it be through foundational work such as setting up backend systems and processes for efficiency, upgrading the client experience for increased retention, building out a solid product suite for increased revenue, or through higher level management, like launch planning and execution, restructuring business models, or team performance management.

We know what works for one business might not work for yours - actually, we expect that. Our unique and holistic approach to business management features a mix of strategic advisory along with done-for-you operational implementation. We design and deliver personalized, high-level business management specific to you and your business.

We’re on a mission to have an impact on women-owned businesses. And that’s why to us, you’re not “just another client.” You’re a woman on a mission to create massive impact and we want to help you expand and grow. That’s why when you work with us, you’ll have a partner in success. 

**Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients per our NDAs.

What our clients are saying

"I recommend all my friends to BTS. And funnily I was recommend by two other friends. I love that I can always trust the BTS team to have the resources and know-how for every part of my business. Super professional and organized!

My business has grown INTO needing them and I know I wouldn’t have been able to scale had it not been for my BTS support."

Elyse - Business Coach

"[Working with BTS] - It's been a gift! This team is ready and willing to evolve and grow with me and my business.

I feel like they truly believe in me and my greater vision. I feel like I'm able to dream bigger and consider more possibilities, because I have the support needed to help me reach my goals."

Anne - Functional Mentor

"Tamara has been instrumental in automating our business. She is a wizard with so many software platforms and has integrated herself into the ones we use like a pro.

If you need an integrator that can allow you to step away from the day to day of your business to be the visionary and focus on the next big step, Tamara is your girl. She leads well, listens well and plays to each team member's strengths."

Leanne - Wedding Planning Coach

We do things differently around here

💪 We focus on hiring women and partnering with women owned vendors - putting money in the hands of women only leads to great things!

💪 We donate a portion of our profits to various of charities close to our hearts - the BTS team votes on where to donate on an annual basis.

We have donated to:
🤍 Paws of War | Helping both veterans & animals
🤍 Harbor House of Central Florida | Domestic Violence Shelters
🤍 22 Saves Hockey | Veteran Suicide Prevention
🤍 Children of the Night | Supporting children who have been victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking

Operations is kind of our thing. But our mission doesn't stop there.

Your Trusted Partners in Operations

Boutique team, high level support

You won't be passed off to just anyone and not have any idea who is working on your account. You will be working directly with your OBM or COO, and you'll be assigned an account manager to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of.

Your alignment and experience matters to us

You're not a number, you're not just another person on our roster. You're our priority and we are your trusted partners - the strategies and tactics we deploy will be in alignment with your goals and needs. We will not force a cookie-cutter approach to your business!

We evolve with you as you grow.

We perform regular business reviews in order to evaluate and shift our approach as your business grows. We partner with you to get the outcome that you want - that means not only having the flexibility and agility to quickly and efficiently change direction, but also bringing a proactive approach to managing your business.

We've intentionally built something different by making sure that our clients are our #1 priority and feel like the VIPs they are.

When you hire Behind the Screens, you get access to our experienced, vetted team with expertise in:

We don't buy into the myth that your business needs to be complex in order to be successful. We dive in with a strategic plan to simplify your business, give it the foundation it needs to support growth, and give YOU the support you need to step into the CEO role.

Our secret is no secret - we help you run your operation, we optimize it, and we do it really well.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm that comes with leading on your own

Say hello to a trusted partner in business that will get you to your goals

We leverage our experience to help you streamline and perform optimally

Team and Business Structuring

We help you see the blind spots so all aspects are flawless

Launch Management

You didn’t start your business to do tasks

Daily Operational Management

We make sure milestones are met ahead of schedule and below budget

Project Management

What we're talking about is FULL, high-level, operational management of your business. 

And all this without you having to do the actual management or any of the hiring.

We've already done the hiring and the training - your online business manager or COO will be your leadership team and will manage our team of experts and generalists in executing the day to day ops of your business so that it runs smoothly.



You can feel good about where you’re spending your money. We donate 5% of all our profit on a quarterly basis to a charity voted on by the BTS team. We have donated to Children of the Night, Black Mamas Matter, Harbor House and other charities throughout the years.

**Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients per our NDAs.

What our clients are saying

"Tamara and her team are the best there is when it comes to backend support for visionary leaders. Let them handle the behind the scenes details so you can be in your genius. It’s absolutely worth the investment!"

Leandra - Transformational Coach & Embodiment Teacher

"Working with Tamara has been the best investment I've made in my business to date. I knew that I needed to delegate tasks and create streamline systems and automation. I fully trust Tamara to run the day to day so that I have more time to do what I do best."

Tori - Transformation Coach, Host & Speaker

"You either spend time or money. My time is worth a lot so I'll trade the money to save the time. The biggest thing is you want to give that responsibility to someone you can trust. That's why I chose to work with Tamara and team rather than getting another VA or employee - I knew I would be working with the best."

Soraya - Lifestyle Coach

Are You Ready?

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Things you won’t need to say anymore:
“I don’t have time to strategize.”
“I don’t think I can sustain this level of work.”
“I don’t know why I can’t find consistent staff.”
“I can’t find an agency I trust to deliver.”

With BTS as an integral partner to your business you will:
  • have time (for anything!)
  • focus on what you love to do
  • reach new levels in your business, AND in your life.

I'M ready for massive growth